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The Truth of Who We Are

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

My aunt is a local celebrity. She was a Tupperware dealer for many years and sought after for countless bridal showers.

One of the staple products we received as a baby gift was the Shape Ball.

The ball has different shaped holes and the toddler attempts to fit the right piece into the right hole, like a puzzle. You really learn a lot about their personality watching them play with it, their persistence, attention to detail, or the lack of interest.

As women, we can find our life feeling the same way, trying to fit ourselves into the right shape to fit the right spot, and experience endless frustration when the piece doesn't line up.

We struggle to know who we are, what we ‘should’ be doing, what our lives 'should' look like. Some women work in the home, others outside the home. Our kids may wear hand-me-downs, while others wear brand name labels. A friend may be a gifted cook, hosting often, another may be great at organizing and planning.

The problem becomes looking at others to define our shape, rather than what God tells us in his Word, which leads to uncertainty and insecurity that guides our decision-making and our relationships.

Identity Theft is put together by The Gospel Coalition; it's a collection of chapters written by a variety authors who write to draw us back onto the narrow path, that gives life, by setting out the truth of who God created us to be in him.

Free. A reflection. A child. A saint. Fruitful. A member. Beautiful. A servant. A worshiper. A citizen.

Doesn’t it sound wonderful?!

And these characteristics are true of who God has made us-and continues making us-to be.

Each chapter addresses one aspect of our identity, the temptations we face in it, how the world influences our belief about it, thus stealing our joy, and the biblical truth of the Word to steer us toward Christ.

This is an excellent book, and it's going on my shelf as one I will try to come back to every year.

Why? It's because I can struggle to remember who I am in Christ. The devil seeks to distract us from our true calling, feeding us lies that overwhelm and discourage us. While living my daily life in the world and in the Word, as I make decisions, serve in the church and love on my neighbours, holding my identity firmly in the Lord Jesus will help me see others in the same light and my purpose for his glory.

If you're looking for a study on your identity in Christ, this one is excellent! You can read it for a small group study, using the questions at the end of each chapter for discussion or journaling.

Quick Stats

# of pages: 153

Difficulty: easy

My Rating: 5 stars!


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