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My Mosaic (July 15)

Happy Friday!!

Hope you enjoy your summer adventures!


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

An excellent question all parents have asked themselves. Here's some tips to help you answer it.

An encouraging article reminding us of God's love for us because of who He is.

This is a great article helping us understand our motives for gossip and explaining ways we can battle the temptation.

"The world needs the embodied you, the you who shows up with persistence and resilience, the you who is learning to love well, forgive continually, and laugh with abandon in your family, place of worship, neighborhood, and broader community." Read for more advice from Marilyn's 94 year old mom.

"In summer our schedules tend to slow down, and we’re less hounded by the tyranny of the urgent. This affords a great opportunity to evaluate and make conscious changes to your habits."

I always love a good book list! This is James Emery White's list of the ones most impacting his young faith. Have you read any of these? Which would be on your list?



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