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My Mosaic (Jan 6)

Happy New Year!

It's the first Friday of the year. The kiddos went back to school yesterday and it's a little rough getting back into routine! We enjoyed some family time at the cabin, gatherings, and a couple nights at a waterpark with friends.

Back into routine isn't always as easy as it sounds. After reflecting and praying over goals for the new year it feels like getting gas in the tank to move forward has been in short supply. So, whether we've entered this year with revived gumption toward our goals or not, may we continue to thirst for the living God, remembering with joy and gladness all He has done for us and all He will continue to do in and through us.

How are you feeling as you enter 2023??

**A glimpse through my kitchen window at the beautiful hoar frost this week!


This Week in Articles

Send Cards to Fight Back the Winter Blues

My friend Natalie has put together this card-sending challenge, and I think it will be a lot of fun! She provides 30 different prompts and points out that encouraging others is a great way to help us through dreary winters and lonely seasons.

9 Things You Should Know About Events and Discoveries in 2022

I didn't know about any of these, and I found a lot of them quite interesting!

The Difference Between Magic and Miracles

After a season where we here a lot about "Christmas magic" and "Christmas miracles" my friend Carolyn reminds us about the difference between the two and their definitions. "Magic only makes us greedier. It brings out our sense of entitlement and makes us wonder why God doesn’t bend to our whims. It makes us blame God for our dissatisfaction and say that it is His fault this world isn’t heaven."

Serving Jesus: Our Effort or His?

"Do I need to get busy working on becoming Christ-like, or should I pray and ask God to do a work in my heart? The biblical answer is: yes." Read the article to find out why.

What Should You Do With Your Diagnosis? Responding Biblically to Mental Health Disorders

As a mental health nurse, I'd say there's a lack of understanding related to mental health and the Christian faith. This article provides biblical principles as you approach your own diagnosis or that of another. I believe these are helpful as we navigate our struggles in alignment with Christ.

(I'd say I don't agree with his claim that the DSM is solely a biological tool, as the criteria for some diagnoses includes physical, relational and emotional health parameters. The clinicians and practitioners I work with, even in a secular setting, are all much more holistic in their care. But that's a small thing unrelated to the biblical principles).

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