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My Mosaic (Jan 3)

Welcome to the first 'My Mosaic' of 2020!

I rang in the new year at work. What can I say, the life of shift work means that some holidays are spent with colleagues and whole lot of snacks. It's been a fun week taking a break from the routine of normal life, just enjoying a bit more time together over the holidays. With more snow, the kids have been enjoying the hill in our backyard, while the little one just eats snow.

I'm also trying out a new graphic for the new year, let me know what you think!

This week on the blog: My Top Reads of 2019 and The Thiessens in 2019.

Here are some articles for you, as we enter the weekend! And, don't rely on social media for updates, if you're enjoying the blog, subscribe below! :)

Why Bible Reading Can Be Such A Challenge

Some of the challenges to reading Scripture are both old and new. Trends in culture, social media and just plain old distraction keep us from diving in deeply. Find some encouragement here, along with the TGC Bible reading initiative.

A Simple Trick for Your 'To Be Read' List

If you read books, chances are you get recommendations from others, or have some ideas of books you would like to read someday. Here's an article with a helpful hint, as you make your list.

5 Reasons Matthew Begins with a Genealogy

As we read God's story in Scripture, we remember that each part reflects a past, a present and a future. In the same way, we see how the genealogy in Matthew reminds us of the same.

5 Things to Consider When A Missionary Asks You For Money

I've lived on both sides of this, being the ask-er and the asked. Here's a reminder for us as we seek to support God's kingdom work.

12 Steps to Making Better Decisions in the 2020s

The average adult makes 70 conscious decisions every day. Some will be bigger than others, obviously, from what to eat for breakfast to buying a new home. Here are some steps to help us as we make those decisions.

A Prayer Before Listening to Sunday's Sermon

Tim Challies is reading through Piercing Heaven, and shared this prayer to help us orientate ourselves to our Sunday worship. I wrote it down on a card in my journal.

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