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My Mosaic (Feb 28)

Here we are at the end of another month! It's 8 weeks into the new year and it's been a whirlwind. I've been absent the last few weeks, balancing life, and I'm glad to finally get back here and start writing again:)

Let's just say the spring weather we've been having has been absolutely wonderful, heaping on the excitement of spring. Not as exciting for the farmers, of course, since spring hails the onset of a busy season. Nonetheless, I am grateful for changing seasons, and that reminder of God's presence in each transition and every change.

Here's a collection of articles that may interest you, enjoy!

Abigail Dodds writes, "When he made you a mother he was affirming your calling as a theologian. Your theology informs and shapes your role as teacher, apologist, and ambassador for him in every tiny corner of your life, from sun-up to sun-down—not just when you’re out drinking coffee with a friend or at women’s weekly Bible study." This article is a great reminder for us moms, of our great calling to teach our kids about God.

A convicting read for me, since visiting is not always the first thing on my mind to do. The value of caring for people, even in their old age is important and it certainly means making the effort!

The practice of gratitude is helpful not only for our own attitude and perspective on life, it is also part of our witness. Here are 4 benefits to practicing gratitude.

As we pray, we have total confidence that God hears our prayers, and that He will always answer us. The hard answer from the Lord is 'no'. Reflecting on this struggle, here are some ways we can see God's light through the hardships.

"The best thing I can do for my family is to walk with God." Powerful words for us as we lead our families. This article by Cynthia Herald reminds us of the importance of setting up our tent, staying close to Jesus.

Here are a few resources I use to inspire and strengthen my habit of studying God's Word. Maybe they will be a help to you!



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