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My Mosaic (Feb 26)

Happy Friday!

The kids have a day off of school today, the weather has been balmy after the polar vortex, and our freezer has a stock of monster cookies now. One of the highlights this week was the book fair at school. Cracking open a new book is just so exciting (for most of our family, anyway).

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay safe and healthy.


This week on the blog


Here are the articles I found this week, hope you enjoy!

The Fruit of the Spirit: Self-Control

An encouragement to stop the blame game and practice growing in our self-control.

Why It's Time To Get A Grip On Your Theology

My friend Sarah writes, "we need a dogged determination to know God more and more so that when we face our dark valleys our hope in God will not be extinguished."

Don't Tear Your Home Down

A reflection on how anger and bitterness impact our homes.

Connecting As A Family in a Tech Absorbed World

Focus on the Family has put together 5 short videos to help you build opportunities to connect together as a family.

3 Encouragements for Kids From The Life of Betsey Stockton

A little preview of Laura Caputo-Wickham's children's book about Betsey Stockton.

You Follow Me

"We need to stop asking why this lot and start asking how do I follow Jesus here, cultivating the lot he has given me for his glory?"

LISTEN: Theology 101

Unless you've been to bible school, you likely haven't done much studying in the area of theology, and depend on your church teaching for understanding. I have really appreciated the Knowing Faith podcast, where, in this episode, Jen Wilkin, JT English and Kyle Worley talk about developing a theological method to help you learn and grow.

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