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My Mosaic (Feb 24)

Happy Friday friends!

I've been taking a course this week, considering how the New Testament teaches us to live. There's been a lot of challenges to consider and truths to rejoice in. So, I'll leave you with this question we've been reflecting on - and yes it's broad - how does the Gospel change how you live? And, what does that mean for you today?

May all you do glorify Him today.

This Week in Articles

This article is from Mama Bear Apologetics. They use a ROAR acronym to help their reader discern messages and ideas they hear. In this post they apply ROAR to the IF gathering to help you be a more thoughtful and discerning attender (if you choose to go).

A lot of conversation about revival, so here's some thoughts from Megan Hill.

Tim shares a prayer for the salvation of our children. I saved this and added it to my prayer notes.

Bethany shares truths to hold onto while we step out on the journey of motherhood. For me, "growth is happening even when we don't see it" was a real encouragement for me today.



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