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My Mosaic (Dec 13)

There's really nothing like winter crispiness! With windchills reaching the deep freeze across our part of the prairies has arrived. Despite the chill, I've been out and about finishing up the last of the gift buying (and that's a hard thing to do at Costco when you are running solo with the kids!) I pulled the old cover-the-gifts-with-jackets trick that my parents used.

What tricks do you use to hide gifts from your kids??

Here are this week's articles, hope you enjoy!

Tis the season of gift giving and more devices. Here is an excellent list of tips for parents to keep your kids safe.

Pornography is no longer an

issue that can remain private behind closed doors. This sexual addiction, as rampant as it is, has public health implications and we need to be aware and keep talking about it. This is an article from the Canadian Nurse website, about the research and what it tells us. (Also check out Part 2: The implications for nursing practice).

Our journey through life is not without purpose. Hannah Hinson's article bravely shares a piece of her struggle and how important it is for us to remember part of God's design in our life, to share and walk alongside others.

Based on some early research among the Gen Z population, Thom Rianer offers three issues for churches to look at, as we seek to reach and disciple this demographic.

The trauma of sexual abuse can run deep, then, the fear of sharing that story with someone terrifies. If we are that trusted person with whom they share, how do we respond? A reminder for us as we demonstrate love and compassion to those around us.

As the holidays arrive, grief may come along with it. Randy Alcorn provides three things we should consider as we comfort those who mourn this holiday season.

Instagram-worthy posts have us often striving for likes and the appearance of perfection. How can we acknowledge Christ in our social media use? How can we love people rather than leverage them? Here's some thoughts from Risen Motherhood's Laura Wifler.

Have a great day!!



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