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My Mosaic (Dec 11)

Happy weekend!

Gifts. Truth be told, it's probably one of the most exciting things about the holidays. Although there is great joy in receiving a gift, I also notice the deep excitement in my heart, as we wrap up things to give away. It's a blessing to be able to give, and it's a privilege to receive.

As with many of our Christmas traditions this year, we've been asking the question, 'Why is this important to Christmas?' When we can't "do" many things, it helps us critically think about what is truly based on the celebration of Christ's birth. Giving gifts reminds us of God's gift, a child born to suffer and die, to bring us back into a right relationship with and return again one day, his second coming, when he will make all things new.

So, as we order our gifts online, package them up and deliver them onto porches or through the mail, may we remember the greatest gift this season, with deeper purpose and intentionality.

What has been gifts have you received this season?


This week on the blog:


I've found a few articles around the web that may be of interest to you!

"Paul declares that the Gospel ignores any social or cultural hierarchies, as all receive salvation in the same gracious way. In Christ, identities of Jew, Greek, or any other culture become secondary to one’s identity in Christ."

From Arrow Leadership, here's a wonderful reflection exercise. I'd encourage you to take a Saturday morning before the new year, or a bit of time away, to spend reflecting on these three areas as we embark on the new year.

"Savoring the Savior begins with seeing Christ in his fullness, beholding his beauty, and treasuring his endless worth."

"Not all growth is simple and expected, like my husband’s hair. The most important growth usually involves the uncomfortable but helpful pruning of a loving God."

"The phrase is found in the Bible, and it truly is an encouraging verse. But does it really mean what we’ve been told it means?"



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