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What's On My Shelf (Dec 2020)

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

There are many words and pages that help stir our heart this season, toward celebration, delight, and adoration of a coming King. Maybe you've found some extra time to read lately, given that extracurriculars are all on hold, and the abnormally quiet holiday season has arrived.

So here's a few ideas from what's crossed my shelf lately. Hope you find something of interest!


The story of the Waodani and the martyred missionaries I was familiar with through Steve Saint's book End of the Spear. I hadn't known too much about Elisabeth Elliot, but in reading this, that was totally rectified! You meet a young woman, determined to obey God in every step of her life, you feel her heartbreak in her husband's death, but the strength of her faith to press on to the calling God had given her. 5 stars for sure!!

Christian Living

This is an important read for our time, as we weigh our faith, and the pleasures we enjoy in the world. See my full review here.

If anything this year, I think we've all begun to face the feeling of fear in one way or another. It's a natural response to the goings on of the world these days. She teaches us about different kinds of fear and what the best fear is. 5 stars. See my full review here.

If you love Lord of the Rings, the Chronicles of Narnia, or the Hobbit, you've got some enjoyment of a good dragon story. This book traces the theme of serpents and dragons through Scripture, and, if you're like me, you'll be surprised by how prevalent the theme is. 4 stars. Read my review here.

Christian Fiction

This is the first book I've read from the author. It's part of a series, so the characters have background you will find in the other books, however this one works great as a stand-alone. I have to say, I didn’t enjoy the main character Richard, at first, the spoiled young man living away from his family. I was fairly convinced there was no way the author could shape the story to change my opinion. However, throughout the story, events unfold, the Gospel takes shape in his life, and transformation happens. The author did a great job with the characters, and with teaching about trust, selflessness and humility. A sweet story for the Christmas season.

These are 3 Christmas novellas, with the themes of grace, kindness and restoration. My favourite was "Far As The Curse is Found."


This has been a fun journey through advent hymns, from the Daily Grace Company.

I've been enjoying this one, written as a story with thoughtful reflections. Find the kindle edition for $0.99!

The church fathers took great effort and care to teach the doctrine of Christ and to guard against heresies. Athanasius took considerable time to defend the incarnate birth of Christ, to remind the church of it's utter importance and value for us.


Here's one that's on many top lists for the year. A history of Winston Churchill's role as prime minister during World War II. I learned a lot about how Great Britain was impacted by air raids, and was astonished to think how people carried on with life as bombs rained down, how there weren't funerals because the church windows were blown out by bombs, temperatures too cold, and mass graves. I found a lot to be grateful for, given the pandemic restrictions we are living in.

This was a fun one for bloggers. You find a friend who has walked your journey of writing and gives tips and encouragement along the way. Find this on #kindleunlimited!

Hope some of these will be of interest to you!

I'd love to hear your recommendations in the comments!! Happy reading.


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