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My Mosaic (August 2)

It's official, we have entered August and summer is halfway over :( Our family spent this week at Pembina Valley Bible Camp, serving as camp nurse, and hubby was doing the teaching for the week. It was a fun time, getting to know campers and staff. It took us back to our own youthful days as camp staff all those years ago...wondering if we ever had that much spunk and energy?! Here are the links I collected, and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already! Have a wonderful weekend!

This week on the blog: Looking Back 10 Years Ago

Where is your focus in your battle against sin in your life? Are you looking only on the sin, giving it all the attention? Trevin Wax shares, "we need more than accountability for the struggle of the present moment; we need a glorious vision of the future selves we are becoming."

Whether we are happy with the cultural shifts in technology or not, it is a big part of the world we live in. Sharing the Gospel with our kids and their friends in a visual way can be so helpful. Here are 7 emojis that communicate the Gospel.

An article by Christina Fox, challenging moms to equip our kids by preparing their hearts.

Brad Wetherall shares some themes throughout the book of Revelation, "to encourage [us] to read and value Revelation.

"We need a holy watchfulness so that we don't allow the wolves of false teaching to graze on the flock of God." An article to remind us of the need and value of watching.

Here are 5 reasons to prioritize family worship in our homes. A good read and encouragement for our families!

St. Gregory of Nyssa



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