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My Mosaic (Aug 11)

monotone pieces arranged as a mosaic to represent the weekly link roundup

Hey friend,

Thanks for joining me here!

This week while our kids enjoy bible camp, I'm sorting through life and events for the fall, along with our landscaping project that's getting close to finishing.

I hope these summer days are going well for you, and hope you enjoy the collection of articles this week!


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

Jana invites us to consider our feelings about time gone by and the wisdom we gain from looking back to step forward.

"I’m certain I would have felt infinitely superior to someone who claimed to believe in Jesus after zealously persecuting His followers. Phrases like “How dare you?” and “Who do you think you are?” come to mind. But “brother?” "

A mentor once told me about raising her sons and how she felt that she talked with them a lot about porn. When she asked him as a young adult about it, he told her, "Mom, I wished you'd talked more about it." It reminded me that even though we have these discussions with our kids, maybe even feel like it's too much, we probably can't teach and train them enough how to recognize and protect themselves from porn.

Read this encouragement from my friend Marissa.

  1. My youngest was afraid of riding a horse at camp, but after we prayed and sent her off, she came back and had loved it.

  2. Goofy boys in the backseat giggling after camp pickup

  3. A date night supper from a favourite restaurant

  4. Sunflower fields at sunset

  5. New books to read!

"These conversations are not easy, but they also don’t require parents to be experts in every area of culture. They simply need to be willing to engage students’ hearts with the truth and beauty of God and his Word, to help them build a theological framework rather than offering knee-jerk responses out of fear or laziness."

"The film may have a minor plot, but it asks major questions. Barbie is creating plenty of community and controversy, both online and in real life. It’s forcing a conversation that’s relevant for the church—but I’m not sure we’re ready to have it."

Cara reminds us, "it's better to be in a furnace with the Lord than to be outside of one without him."



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