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My Mosaic (Apr 10)

It's Good Friday!

In this peculiar time we remember -not in the ways we may normally do - the life, death and resurrection of our Saviour. Today, His betrayal is on my heart. He was abandoned by his friends. He prayed earnestly that this wrath would be taken away, but that it wouldn't be his own will, but the Father's good, perfect will, to be done.

What a true, honest picture of his suffering. We may feel that suffering today. Whatever is going on in our lives right now, we can remember that He suffered, that He knows what it's like; our prayers offered to Him land on the ears of one who knows.

We remember that God's plan was for Christ to come. For his creation to be restored through the sacrifice of His son. We have this opportunity to be reconciled to God and what a wondrous, amazing gift! This pandemic has nothing on us. Our sin is the greatest pandemic to cover the world, and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus has redeemed us from it!

While we celebrate a little differently this year, it's good for us to learn to practice and demonstrate our faith in new ways, being creative and intentional is something, perhaps all our families need. Be blessed as you remember the sacrifice of Jesus this weekend, and the hope we have in Him!

Here are some articles for you to peruse, hope you find them helpful!

(This week on the blog: The Truth We Can Touch and Managing Our Stress Now)

As Jesus prayed in the Garden, for himself, his disciples and those who would believe, we are reminded more of who He is and who we are.

Do I hear an amen? Anxiety is building these days, with all the uncertainty and tragedy we read in the headlines. This article takes us to Psalm 4 to bring our minds to a place of peace.

Looking for a meaningful activity to celebrate Easter at home? Here are some beautiful printables that you can set up in your house, or backyard that lead you through the significance of the Cross. There are Scriptures to read alongside each station. A great activity for the family.

"When it comes to the spiritual formation of a child, family matters most." Yes, that means you, mom and dad. We are all spending more time together these days, what can you do to be the influence your kid's need to grow in their faith. Find some encouragement here.

Yes we are in the middle of a pandemic. All is not lost. The Gospel is ever-present here in this time. These are 5 lessons we can learn, and they are truly valuable.

This is a fun activity we do together as a family. Hunt for the eggs and inside are scriptures and trinkets to remember the story of Jesus.



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