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Best Books of 2024 Halfway In

As we stack up the hardcovers or load up our kindle library for summer reading, I find it helpful to check out other titles people have found helpful. So here's my list in hopes it will be a benefit to you!

(And take advantage of the preview option where you can flip through the first pages. of the book!)

Have you considered friendship vital to your flourishing? In this title, Rebecca McLaughlin helps teach us about our relationships and why they're so important. Read MY REVIEW. (5 stars)

If you're familiar with a psalm of Scripture, Psalm 23 is likely the one.

There's something about the serene pastoral imagery, the numerous actions of the Shepherd, and the reality of the valley of deep darkness that strike a chord within our souls. We've all walked through them, learning to depend on him. The author takes us verse by verse through this psalm to help us know the Good Shepherd better in his care, leadership, protection and welcome. Read MY REVIEW. (5 stars)

Our culture tells us empowerment is something we give ourselves, an authority we pursue, influence we take from our own efforts. Becky peels apart the layers of misplaced truth to bring us back to the heart of the gospel and the centrality of Christ in our lives as faithful followers. Read MY REVIEW. (4 stars)

The author shares her story to help us understand domestic abuse among Christians, so we can better care for ourselves and each other. She also writes to help those who don’t believe to see the goodness of God in the midst of evil. Documenting her journey to Christ, meeting and dating a man in ministry, the following trauma she experienced in their relationship and pieces of her healing journey.

A difficult story to read, but one so important to understand. Highly recommend for anyone in ministry. Read MY REVIEW. (5 stars)

A gothic regency novel laced with mystery and suspense surrounding the mysterious circumstances of his birth and therefore inheritance. Themes of scandal and true friendship. I try to grab all this author's titles.

Here's an interesting new series by Barbour publishing based on historic disasters in America. This first novel surrounds the Johnstown flood as the Red Cross comes in to provide support. Anamae is one of the nurses who arrives to care for the sick. Pastor Montgomery was rescued from the attic of his house as the floodwaters decimated the land, his congregation in shock and torn apart with the loss of lives and homes. 

Together they care for the hurting and broken, while both curious about and seeking justice against those negligent causing the dam to collapse. If you appreciate a story about justice and belonging, you might be interested in this one.


Thanks for checking out the list! I hope you found something of interest for your summer reading!

I'd love to know what's on your summer pile, so let me know in the comments!

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