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When Your Kids Have Big Questions

Has your child ever asked you a question about faith and you feel stumped for how to answer it?

It may have been a really important question, you felt the pressure of answering it correctly, and then perhaps some guilt about not knowing how.

We watch our children grow and develop, from their first words, to sentences, to nonstop chatter; we watch the sparks of curiosity, the determination to explore. Then, as they get older, seeking to understand on a deeper level, they begin to ask harder questions.

This new series from the Good Book Company is called "The Big Questions" series is a collection of three books addressing important questions our kids often have about God and Christianity. Written by an elementary school teacher for children ages 9-13, there's stories, illustrations and teaching fitting for the kids.

The chapters are short, and highlight numerous questions about each topic. The flow and teaching centre around the gospel, and this is what I really love! My daughter is 9 years old, and read all three books, which led to some really good chats about what we were learning through them. As a stand alone book, these might be best suited for junior high or for the more avid readers.

I think you could also use these as a family devotional if you want to focus on a specific topic all together, since the chapters are short, and will provide some very good family discussion.

So, here's a short review on each book.

How Do We Know That Christianity is Really True? by Chris Morphew

This book teaches us the historical accuracy of the gospel narrative and the life of Jesus. It seeks to answer questions like, 'how much do we know about Jesus?' 'do Jesus' biographies match up with history?' and investigating the empty tomb and the 500 eye witnesses. I found this so helpful for providing evidence and critical thinking about the gospel accounts, equipping our kids to not just blindly accept the Christian faith, but understand the history and proof that it's true.

What Happens When We Die? by Christ Morphew

Here's a common question our kids have (or mine do, anyway). The gospel flows through this book, teaching us about heaven, hell and the return of Jesus. The problem of sin, salvation through the life, death and resurrection of Christ, and the hope we have in his return! Really enjoyed this.

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen? by Chris Morphew

Here's a tough reality that we all wrestle with and will continue to navigate during our time on earth. In a kind, gentle way he teaches us about suffering and sin, God's love and care for us, and the power of the gospel to walk through our suffering.

If you click the links to amazon, you'll be able to see the list of contents to find more about the chapters if you're interested. I think these are really helpful resources for our kids as we disciple them, helping to answer the big questions they have about life and faith. I give them 5 stars, and highly recommend!

*A big thanks to the Good Book Company for the complimentary copies of these books, and for the opportunity to post an honest review!

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