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What's On My Shelf (July 2019)

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

What's On My Shelf July 2019

Another few months go by, the bookshelf never seems to get emptier, the "want-to-read" list on Goodreads just doesn't seem to get shorter. The reading life never fails to find something. With summer in swing, my back porch is a totally comfortable reading perch, easily distracting me from the weeds in the garden.

Here's some books that have been through my shelf the last few months. Hope there's something helpful for you here!

Preaching Tim Keller

This book was recommended to us during our Arrow Leadership course, for those who were looking for a good resource to articulate our faith through speaking and writing. I found it helpful and very practical, as Keller's writing usually is.

Everybody Always by Bob Goff

I really appreciate Bob! His personality is exuberant and passionate; he inspires us to live intentionally loving on others. It was a reminder to me, that when I have a crazy idea, it's really not that crazy, and that God wants to use those ideas to bring His love into the lives of those around me.

Side By Side by Ed Welch

We walk through hard journeys in life. Difficulties come through many shapes and forms. Sometimes it is our own struggles, and other times it is those around us. I found this book filled with very practical helps on how we can befriend our brothers and sisters in Christ, and be that pillar of support that they need during the valleys of life. Read a little more of my review here.

Invitation to Solitude and Silence

I enjoy Ruth's writing and how she leads us into a deeper walk with the Lord through the spiritual disciplines. In a world of smartphones, distractions and young kids, there is less and less time....(or is there(?)) embrace the discipline of solitude and silence. Our bodies need to rest and be refreshed. This is a great resource. Read more of my thoughts here.

Lit! A Christian Guide To Reading Books

Any book-lover will appreciate this guide to reading books, and reading them well. "Scripture is the ultimate grid by which we read every book...All other books, to some degree, are imperfect, deficient and temporary." He shows us how to read through the lens of the Gospel, and provides us practical tips on reading.

I think the most challenging quote for me, was "For every one book that you choose to read, you must ignore ten thousand other books simply because you don’t have the time (or money!). Book reading will make you acutely aware of your personal limitations." In my own enjoyment of reading, I assumed I could read it all, but that's not so much the case. Ok, rabbit trail here, but if you read one book a week, that's say 50 a year, and in 10 years you would finish about 500 books...and there's thousands out there! Mind blowing. I haven't done a lot of math in regards to my reading, so I definitely have a new perspective now! So, I plan to work better on my priorities in reading, to shape my thinking, my character and my love for the Lord.

This book is written as a devotional, following along the lives of the Israelites through their journey in the wilderness. Lots of challenging thoughts for us, as we become more aware of our sin, learn to trust God in difficult times and persevere in the promises He has given us.

Mark of the Raven by Morgan Busse

I included a novel this time :) I don't usually read fantasy, but this was a really refreshing read! I was drawn into a world with nations who have been given gifts, and saw the main character's battle of how to use her gifts -for evil or good. I loved how she was drawn to the Light in the story. It just made me revel in God's grace, and His glorious light.

What's on your summer reading list? Any favourites that you've discovered lately?Happy reading!!


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