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My Mosaic (Sept 6)

Happy Friday! We've had a few school days here in the Thiessen home, and finished the last of my tomato canning. We went on a camping trip last weekend, and the weather was actually really nice. We were in North Dakota to visit friends from Kenya, who are on their home assignment now, with their 3 boys (2 we hadn't met yet). So it was a fun time of reconnecting, encouraging and sharing life! What were you up to for the long weekend?

Our smartphones, the internet, and the rise of megachurches all provide opportunities to grow in our biblical knowledge. However, "Christianity is not merely content. It’s an embodied, lived community." Here's an article to remind us that the Gospel isn't something that we know, it is something that we live.

My grandma wrote a diary since she was 16, and I guess the habit got passed on, as I've also been a journal-er since I was young. These are 10, of the many, benefits to the habit! (And if you need help with where to start, I've got ideas for you!)

It is common for us to read through scripture and lead first with our hearts, but "the path to transformation runs from the mind to the heart, and not the other way around." Here's an article adapted from Jen Wilkin's book "Women of the Word."

Written in the context of cross-cultural workers, but relevant for us all when we approach times of change and need to make decisions.

As we watch and pray during this hurricane season, some helpful thoughts to reorient us to the One who brings peace.

It's that season of trying to get back into routine and perhaps you are looking for better tools or resources to help you stay organized. Here's my review of Tim Challies' book "Do More Better: A Practical Guide to Productivity."



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