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My Mosaic (Sept 30)

Happy Friday!

It was a scattered week with birthday celebrations, as my oldest turned 11, and a few trips to the dentist after a knock to the head jostled one of her permanent teeth.

Sometimes life gets a little chaotic

Returning from board meetings over the weekend, my heart had been filled; connecting with friends at the office and sharing in discussions about God's work through AIM.

Then, this week as our church begins an AWANA program, listening to all these children share the verses they practiced, I just got tears in my eyes. Discipleship is so important and a generally drifting emphasis in our Canadian churches - knowledge of the scriptures is a part of it. As we look to send more workers into the harvest field, may we be raising disciples for His kingdom, whose desire for Jesus and His Word grows.


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This Week in my Earbuds


This Week in Articles

Particularly for the young moms and anyone who asks "is this worth it?" when they get ready for church.

Here, Rebecca McLaughlin answers the question.

Here's some ideas for prodding your group to share.

If you're new to considering the worldview a TV show or movie is presenting, check out this example from Mama Bear Apologetics as they use the acronym ROAR to evaluate, in this case, the Zombies trilogy. Also some helpful discussion questions at the end.

"Even if we can’t directly solve the problem, we can still serve the person. We’re told to visit them."



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