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My Mosaic (Sept 27)

Happy Friday! It's been a really wet fall season for us, and our farming community is at a standstill after 4 inches of rain! It's can be a reminder to us, to develop patience and trust, even when it's really hard.

Found some interesting articles this week, and I enjoy sharing them, hope that you find some encouragement in reading them! I'd love to know which ones you enjoyed, or got you thinking! Have a great day!

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We've been back in the swing of school and routines for a few weeks now, and maybe you still wonder what it will look like to balance family time alongside other activities of life. In this article, Jen Oshman shares her ideas for the year, as her girls get older, and how they seek to meet the needs and enjoyment of their family,

It's no secret, I love books. So, I enjoy sharing reviews of those that I find interesting or helpful. This article is a review of the book "Hit Hard" and it touches on an important aspect of grief: when a couple grieves, they each have their own response. It's been something I've lived out in my own marriage, navigating hard circumstances in our own life. Learning that we each respond differently has helped me approach life with more grace. I haven't read it, but added it to my 'to-read' list!

The initiation into our first year of church planting, we participated in a "technology fast." No phones, computers, tv or internet. This wasn't hard in the African bush, where internet connection was spotty and we didn't have electricity to charge our devices anyway. But, after being back now I can see how connectedness will become a bigger challenge for those moving overseas. An interesting article, raises interesting questions for those of us helping others or going ourselves, overseas.

In the midst of life, we can struggle to get to sleep, and bring our bodies to the point of rest. Here are some truths to remember as we settle our minds before bed.

"If Nunavut... were an independent country, it would have the highest suicide rate in the world." This article review two books written about the increase in suicide among the Inuit of Nunavut, which is a rate 10 times higher than the rest of Canada. It is a sobering article, exploring many different issues and opinions. In such a diverse issues, I find myself lost to figure out what to do, but drop to my knees and pray for freedom in Jesus to arrive.

A reminder from Glenna Marshall about our greatest need: reconciliation with God. As we carry the Gospel to those around us, we know that He has met what we need the most.

If you enjoyed reading the testimonies last week, here's this week's stories at the True Woman blog.

Here's the trailer for an upcoming documentary about the Puritans; how they lived, suffered and worshiped; what they believed and fought for. Looks like a great walk through history!



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