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My Mosaic (Sept 2)

Happy Friday!

And...Happy Birthday Mom!

If there's one word I'd describe her with, it would be generous. She gives her time and resources at the drop of a hat if we ask, always attuned to everyone's favourite things in order to bless them well - particularly on their birthdays.

"One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want. Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered" (Prov 11:24-25).

There is blessing in giving and suffering for those who withhold. Her model humbles me and encourages to persist in giving as I've been given to, to not keep in my hands what could supply another.

How can you extend generosity today?


This Week in Articles

Admire Before You Imitate: Resting in the Attributes of God

"We try to imitate an attribute of God before we find security in it. When we do this, each quality of God becomes an intimidating standard rather than a source of refuge."

Five Tips For An Accountability Relationship

"The plain truth is that I don’t like being held accountable because I’m filled to the brim with pride." Doesn't this truth resonate? Accountability is hard and humbling, but intended for our sanctification. Read these tips to help you get serious about your sanctification.

So You've Been Told You Should Read Some Old Books...

I always love a good book list :) Here's one from Tim Challies as he shares some Christian classics if you want to start but aren't sure where.

Undersea Refuge and Strength

"A hermit crab’s vulnerability gives her strength. She takes up a shell covering, admitting she’s weak, and then she becomes strong. This tiny sea creature reminded me of the Christian life. In our weakness we depend on Jesus, and we gain him as our strength."

What It Means To Be the Gatekeeper of Your Home

"Because when we bring truth to the table like a light shining in the darkness, we are able to sanctify our roles as gatekeepers to build a solid foundation for our families."

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