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My Mosaic (Sept 16)

Happy Friday!

It was the first full week in school for the kiddos and also for me as my online classes began - the last year to finish my degree. Church programs are starting, activities continue on, as we sway back and forth from coming and going to sitting and being.

As you take time to still your heart before the Lord, here's a prayer from Thomas Watson as shared in Tim Chester's upcoming book Into His Presence:

"Holy Spirit, our hearts are naturally polluted; come into them, we pray, and work sin out, and work grace in.

Make our hearts temples of purity and a paradise for pleasantness.

Sanctify our imaginations, causing them to mint holy meditations.

Sanctify our wills, biasing them to good, so it will be as delightful for us to serve God as once it was to sin against him.

Perfume us with holiness and make our hearts a map of heaven."

Grace and peace to you today.


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