My Mosaic (Oct4)

Happy Friday everyone! Our family is still enjoying the last nice days of fall, while trying to prepare my son that he will soon have to start wearing pants instead of shorts. It's a little rough. How was your week?

Every week I gather up a few articles that I find interesting and hope will help us, as we think through issues of life and faith. Here's this week's edition of 'My Mosaic'.

(This week on the blog: What's On My Shelf - Oct 2019 and What's Success When You're Stuck?)

Two Habits of Successful Parents

Where do we go for parenting advice? Challies sees a trend of young parents seeking advice from social media personalities, rather than from those who have actually, successfully raised children. He challenges us to seek out families among us, to learn and grow from.

Your Personality and Why it Matters: the Enneagram and more

I have taken quite a few personality tests, and it's always amazing to me, how much I learn about myself from them. Why is it important for us to know about ourselves? This article from Grit & Virtue shares some reasons why, and a few ways we can investigate who God has created us to be.

Leading Well: Raising Up Younger Leaders

From the Lifeway blog, an article encouraging women to think about "passing the mantle" and be intentional in it.

10 Things You Should Know About 'The Pilgraim's Progress'

A book I was introduced to in my older years, it's been a story that speaks to the challenges of life in an imaginative way. Have you read it?

Play-Doh, Flannelgraphs and Teaching Kids Biblical Theology

Here's an encouragement from author Stephen Nichols, to teach our kids biblical theology, not to shy away from it; to equip them with the framework of the Bible.

Throwback:4 Benefits of Newborn Screening for SCIDS

It will be a new tool in the health care world, as we assess newborns in Manitoba for the possibility of SCIDS. We didn't have the opportunity when our daughter was born, but it will prove to be a huge benefit for the future!