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My Mosaic (Oct 6)

Happy Friday!

The farmers have put harvest on hold for a moment, as we got slammed with rain this week. I'll admit, I'm so very grateful it's not snow!

My mantra seems to be: "I'm not ready!"

Not ready for winter, not ready for the cold, not ready to wear snow boots and toques. Technically though, we have everything we need to get through winter, the snowsuits, gloves and boots. It's a little more about my dislike of winter and not looking forward to it's arrival.

(Yes, it starts hitting below freezing in the next couple weeks)

So, how do we approach life when there's things we don't look forward to?

Whether it's a follow-up with the doctor, the anticipated empty nest or a season of suffering, there are times we just dread what's ahead.

The Lord Jesus knelt in Gethsemane pouring out his heart and tears. His closest friends had fallen asleep. In the pain and torment, he pleaded with the Father, "if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done" (Lk 22:42).

As silly as it may seem to be so discontent with things like weather, I can talk to God about my hesitancies and frustrations, and he hears me. His grace covers what I cannot control and helps me seek God's will for all the moments ahead.


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A quick teaser here to let you know that my newsletter will be dropping to your inbox tomorrow. With my content shifting over to Substack, there may be some changes you'll need to make, but it will only require two clicks.

When you get the newsletter, if you wish for this Mosaic to come to your inbox, you'll need to subscribe to the "My Mosaic" feed. The link and instructions will be there for you tomorrow, I just wanted to give you a heads up.

And, if you haven't subscribed to the newsletter, here's your chance!!


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

"We shouldn’t confuse boredom with predictability. Or comfort. Or settled rhythms. It’s unrealistic to expect or desire to experience a lightning bolt of inspiration every time we open the Bible, or to feel as fervently “on fire for Jesus” as we may have felt earlier in our Christian lives. If sanctification is “a long obedience in the same direction,” we should expect much of our growth in holiness to take place through settled patterns of life."

This is a skill we've been working on in our home as well, particularly when our tendency is to huff and say, "Fine, I'm sorry."

Here's a devotional on Proverbs 8 inviting us to consider our need for wisdom and where we find it.

Wisdom from Gretchen's experience with educating her kids. I was humbled by her vulnerability and honesty.

I enjoyed this article and the wisdom drawn from a variety of figures from the history of the church. I hope you will glean something from them too!



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