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My Mosaic (Oct 23)

Happy Friday!

We enjoyed our first dousing of snow this week, which meant I had to dig out the snow suits and snow boots. Thankfully it's melting already :) There's something about the white blanket that I just don't seem quite ready for, but the kids sure loved it!

It's good for me to remember that even though I may not enjoy something, others around me still do, and to feed their joy instead of starving it in my own distaste. The simple joys of hot chocolate and marshmallows, throwing snowballs and making snowmen, are sweet times.

So, let the good times roll! :)

(This week on the blog: The Winds of Change)


Here are some articles from around the web for you to check out!

"God asks us to join his mission with willing, though imperfectly ready, hearts. The journey he invites us to will descend ever deeper into humble vulnerability. So let’s let go of perfect and trust that God can use even our imperfections."

"I did not‘feel’spiritually full during that season, but I somehow knew God was filling me. I did not feel very close to Him either, but I began to believe He was still near."

Here's an excerpt from a new devotional by Lauren Whitman, called "A Painful Past: Healing and Moving Forward"

An encouragement from Jared Wilson, to "be careful with how you use your Bible, then, to make sure it is actually using you."

Here's an encouragement to take some time to think through our morning routines and figure out a way to prepare well for the day ahead.

"With my limited pruning skills I could do a lot of damage to people’s lives. It takes a creator God to see into the depths of a person, to read their stories and know their intimate needs and desires"



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