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Happy Friday!

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Reading through the book of Ezekiel, I'm struck once again by the Lord's words, "I am the Lord. I have spoken; it shall come to pass; I will do it" (Ez 24:14a). It's an affirmation repeated throughout the book, and throughout the other prophets as well.

During this contentious time, I wonder if we're prone to forget the Lord's sovereignty and providence. Do we ascribe authority and governing power to him in the midst of our circumstances? Or are we struggling because we don't have control?

I think in a lot of ways, we're also exhausted; tired of things changing, trying to keep up with life. But isn't it the perfect surrender, to hold out, with open hands, everything we cling to, resting in the comfort of his love, knowing He's got this, and He's got us.

What do you need to trust him with today?


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The Best Makeover You'll Ever See Is Your Own

My friend Cara writes, "someday soon, we too will get our makeovers. We’ll trade our armor for blood-bought sparkling white linen clothes. They’ll fit every body type perfectly, and you can be sure that it will be the most glorious outfit you’ve ever worn. But until that day, let’s not find ourselves underdressed for the battlefield. Let’s armor up for war."

God's Promised Deliverance Precedes Our Difficulties

It may feel like we're facing more challenges and difficulties in this season of life, this article offers some steps to reflect when you want to tip into despair.

A Pandemic of Disunity: How We Drive the World Away

These times we live aren't unique to history, but they're unique to us. For those who belong to Christ, we have serious work to do. Randy Alcorn admonishes us toward unity: "while true love and unity are never achieved at the expense of primary biblical truths, they are achieved at the expense of our personal preferences about secondary issues."

When There Is No Cure for Anxiety

Lara shares, "my entire life I’ve waged war against anxiety. I’ve thrown punches, taken blows to my body, and fought to have my body and mind back again." She shares some humbling truth and hope for those who struggle.

How Humility Can Transform Your Marriage

"When our hearts were finally broken enough and soft enough to be in a place of submission, THAT’S when God could work his miracle and heal our marriage."