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My Mosaic (Oct 21)

Happy Friday!

You go away for the weekend, work a couple 12 hour shifts, and then finally get to the mound of laundry - so it felt like a lot of catching up this week! We had an awesome time at the Great Wolf Lodge in Minneapolis, the kids enjoyed the water park and the plethora of activities in the hotel. Seriously, there's a rock climbing wall, a ropes course, an arcade, bowling alley, and a scavenger-hunt-quest throughout the hotel. It was a nice getaway for all of us and the kids got to do it all with their cousins, so much fun was had!

Now that the laundry's finally done, and I'm caught up on my coursework, I can get ready for the weekend, which entails a tae kwon do tournament in the city for the kids and another shift at work. Meanwhile, also trying to understand my 6 year old's fashion preferences (she doesn't want to wear jeans because it makes her look like a farmer), my son's recent obsession with NFL football (Mom, did you know...?), and discussions with my 11 year old about the HIV/AIDS talk at school.

Doing the "right" thing feels tricky sometimes, but with prayer and the Word to lead and guide us, we've got divine wisdom to draw on. So grateful today for the peace we have in Him.


Book Launch

Exciting news!!!

I'm on the contributor team for Momma Theologians and a few of the team have been in a season of new family additions through births and adoption, so we've been on a break since summer.

BUT, coming up soon is the release of our first book, The Momma Theologians Guide to Wise Smartphone Use!!

If you're interested, I'm inviting you to join the Launch Team, where you'll get first access to this new resource and help us spread the word with graphics to share on social if you can.

Also, if you want to catch the newsletter, Truly Known & Truly Knowing you can sign up below.


This Week in Articles

I really appreciated this article about the different roles we have and how God sees us as our whole, even when others only see a part. I think you'll love this too!

"Jesus saw who Peter would be. Or perhaps better, Jesus saw who he would make Peter to be."

"The more we share stories with our kids of faithful Christians suffering, the more its normalcy will permeate their worldview (and ours)."

On a heavier note, consider that 3.3% of deaths in Canada in 2021 were assisted deaths. That's a HUGE percentage! This is likely to increase as next year the criteria for the MAiD program will expand to include those with mental health issues. Much need for prayer. Much need for supports to those who are suffering. Much need for the Gospel.

"commentaries can be a great asset to our time with God when we use them well and choose the right ones." Read more from Lara about using commentaries as a help in your bible reading and some recommendations.

Here's helpful tips on worshipping through your listening.



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