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My Mosaic (Nov 29)

Happy Friday!! Our house was getting back into the swing of normal life this week after holidays; getting laundry done, planning for the month and writing my last paper for the semester. As Christmas season begins, there's a lot for plan for and prepare; a time to reflect and ready ourselves for.

Surrounded by Christmas toys, gift lists and wrapping paper, I sometimes feel like Christmas can bring out the very worst in all of us, especially the kids. They didn't get what they wanted, they want something else instead, the list can go on. Here are some ideas to help us parents foster an attitude of gratitude through this sometimes, "stuff" filled season.

Teaching our kids how to evaluate the worldview in what we watch is so important. It helps us think through Scripture and apply God’s Word to the culture around us. Here’s an article to help you do that with the movie Frozen II.

A challenging article by Jen Polluck Michel, reflecting on the dangers of prosperity and the goodness of God.

This article by Tim Challies is written for the church leader, but we will all face critics at times in our life, maybe at work, family or in community, so it is helpful to reflect on how we can respond. On the flip side, where do you fall when you need to bring a hard word to someone around you?

The US reflects on Native American Heritage month during November, in Canada the month of June is National Indigenous History Month. This beautiful, heartfelt prayer reminds us that Jesus is Sustainer of all cultures, the intricate beauty of culture and our unity in Christ with the church across the world, and the people of our nation.



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