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My Mosaic (Nov 19)

Happy Friday!

With the white blanket surrounding us, we set up our tree and nativity scenes this week with Christmas music in the background. I always figure one month doesn't give us enough time to enjoy it all, so we start early :) Boney M is definitely one of the albums on repeat.

What's your favourite Christmas album?


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This Week in Articles

"Joy often goes hand in hand with struggle. In fact, I used to think these verses in the Bible were some sort of promise that the pain will be removed so we can get back to a happy, joy-filled state of being."

"Confession is a powerful tool of discipleship, especially in the home. Here are three reasons that encourage me to regularly say, “I’m sorry,” to my children."

Here's an article encouraging you to read the book of Revelation with some of it's themes in mind.

If you're looking for a study for advent, I'd invite you to check out this reading plan and book study from Momma Theologians! I'm looking forward to it! Watch this beautiful intro video.

From my friend Cara on a tale of two saviours AND get your FREE advent colouring book!

If you haven't already checked out the Family Discipleship podcast I would really encourage you to! In this episode they interview Matt Chandler and he shares about his own wins and struggles along the parenting journey.



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