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My Mosaic (May 28)

Updated: May 29, 2021

Happy Friday!

Our family was remote learning from the camper this week 🏕. We enjoyed a couple warm days before it dipped to freezing overnight 🥶. Here’s a few pics from our adventures.

I was also able to gather some articles for your enjoyment. I’d love to hear which ones you enjoyed! 😁

This Week On The Blog


This Week In Articles

“While there are certainly many good answers to this question—it’s commanded of us in Scripture, Sabbath rhythms are important, worship is critical to discipleship and evangelism, among others—one key answer is simply this:We go to church because we are forgetful.”

“Nothing challenges, enriches, and deepens my personal everyday study like knowing these women are studying the same passage and tackling the same questions and will show up to discuss it every Tuesday.” Find encouragement to study scripture together fromGlenna Marshall.

Need some new motivation to memorize scripture? Here are a few reasons to embrace this discipline (even if it’s not whole books!)

“As a young lady, you can leave an indelible mark upon your culture by how you live, worship, and serve your God.“ Words I would have loved to hear in my younger years, but are just as relevant for me now.

i was really encouraged by these words,”It’s in the redemptive shadow of the cross that mercy is freely given, even when undeserved. It’s in the redemptive shadow of the cross where compassion breeds forgiveness. It’s in the redemptive shadow of the cross where love never fails.”

Insecurity or Humility: How to Tell the Difference

From my friend Natalie, on using our gifts with confidence.



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