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My Mosaic (Mar 26)

Welcome to the weekend friend,

I've been reflecting on the life of Christ, as we now enter Holy Week, preparing both the heart and mind for the celebration of the gospel. This year I read through RC Sproul's "The Work of Christ," leading me to look at how the life of Christ has and does impact my life and faith.

One aspect that really nudged me, is that, "in the life of Jesus, we see a very distinct pattern of humiliation and exaltation." We tend to understand Jesus in his resurrected state, alive and seated with the Father in all his glory. It's wonderful, glorious, and true.

Yet, there was the journey of his life that we can forget, a model he gave us in how to live. His humiliation and suffering reach a climax on the cross, where his death demonstrates whole-hearted obedience to the Father.

The Messiah did not come only to die on the cross; he came to empty himself, make himself nothing, to take on the nature of a slave, endure hostility, criticism and denial. Humbling himself even to the point of death, Jesus modelled for us true servanthood, perfect obedience and endurance in suffering.

As we reflect on our own state of humility and obedience, may we remember the life of our Lord Christ who gave willingly of himself, to give us great hope in him.


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This Week Around the Web

"When my sister hurts, I hurt. When she rejoices, my heart is gladdened. Christian friendships bear the beauty mark of other-centeredness, and this other-centeredness is always the result of finding an identity that isn’t in what you have, accomplish, or do. "

"When I shifted from strategizing devotional methods to praying “Lord, help me,” everything began to change."

"Basically, I want to step out of the unknown and have all the knowledge I request, please and thank you. In short, I want to be like God."

I was looking forward to The Gospel Coalition Women's conference last year, but it was postponed to this year, which I'll get to attend virtually. The theme is Steadfast, inspired by the book of James. Check out these 100 songs on the theme.

My friend Mariel shares a short devotional on Psalm 51 and Isaiah 6.

It's a new book coming out in April by Carolyn Lacey called Extraordinary Hospitality (for Ordinary People). I finished reading it this week and it's a 5 star read! I'll be doing a written review on the blog in a few days, but maybe you prefer to watch a short introduction to what the book is about. It's less than a 2 minute clip introducing you to Extraordinary Hospitality!



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