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My Mosaic (Mar 25)

Happy Friday!

May you be refreshed this weekend as you set your gaze upon the strength and provision of God; "Behold, God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life" (Ps 54:4).


This Week In Articles

A Lifeline in Loneliness

"There’s nothing like the sting of loneliness. It’s like a sleeping dragon who makes its home in your heart, waking every so often to unleash its painful, fiery breath when you least expect it. It can hit even when you’re surrounded by other people, whether they’re complete strangers or your closest friends. You don’t have to be alone to feel lonely."

How to Pray for Ukraininan Families

"When nations are at war and families are caught in the crossfire, we can still trust in the One who rules over all and has conquered sin and death."

Discover Your Gifts, Discern God's Will

"People (especially college students) often ask me how they can discern God’s will for their lives. And, honestly, a lot of factors play into that. But one of the most overlooked is the idea of our giftings. I would argue that you’ll never really know God’s will for you until you know what your gift is."

The God of Surprises

Melissa shares about a new change in their home, and how she leans on God when life is full of surprise.

Unhelpful Advice in 'Turning Red'

Some thoughts on the new movie, Turning Red.' "The Bible never encourages us to accept the beastly sides of our fallen natures as sanctified goods, as if the Hyde side of our nature is somehow part of a hallowed “true self” that we shouldn’t hide but rather let loose without shame."

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