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My Mosaic (June 3)

Happy Friday!

Maybe your week has been full as you've been enjoying spring weather and activities. Perhaps your job had tasks that took more time or were challenging to navigate. We've all had tasks at home and away where we've been striving to finish tasks, to figure out what's next, or finesse relationships with people. Our daily efforts at work and at home are what the Lord has called us to, to serve with our whole hearts for his glory. This week I'm reminded in 1 Cor 14 that Paul admonished those "eager for manifestations of the Spirit, strive to excel in building up the church." (1 Cor 14:12).

As you enter the weekend, getting a break from the routine of everyday, may we take time to consider this important aspect of striving, to use the gifts given us not only in our workplaces to gain a pay check, but also to bless and strengthen our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Here's three important questions for you as you consider the leading of the Good Shepherd.

"Instead of loving and using the gifts he gave me to enjoy, I had become enslaved to them."

For the momma who feels a bit weary.

"Nevertheless, our faithful and loving God calls us to bring each of our problems and worries to Him and lay them at His feet with thankfulness, knowing in advance that He will meet our needs."



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