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My Mosaic (June 28)

It's time for the [Canadian] long weekend :) Hope you enjoy your time with family and friends! Here's a round-up of some interesting links this week:

This article by Tim Challies is a review of Lindsey Carlson's new book "Growing in Godliness: A teenage girls guide to maturing in Christ." He's got no experience in being a teenage girl, but he's got experience raising them, and recommends this new resource for your teenage daughters as they are challenged to grow more in their faith.

When we lived in Africa, among a very poor rural population, it was our challenge to figure out how best to live. There were two extremes, "Going Native" - meaning you only used what the locals used, ate what they ate, and lived how they lived - or living like a Westerner, equipped with every amenity you could construct in the bush. Here's an article- written by an African- that shares one reason why missionaries ought to live well among the poor (a balance, not an extreme).

With the blessing of summertime upon us, many of us travel, camp and share in the time away from school for the kids. Whether your work is at home, ministry, or in business, here are some ways to maximize your time away.

Speaking of vacation, what does your family enjoy doing for fun? Here's 4 hiking trails, that are shorter and the adventure-potential abounds (although which family outing doesn't include adventure??) We haven't tried these, but they look like a good place to start and I'm looking forward to checking them out this summer!

And just in case you are looking for something to do on Canada Day, here's a quick link with the list of events across the province!

It's easy for us in the developing world to be astonished at the tragedy of kidnapping children for witchcraft, yet what about our own culture and the value we place (or don't) on human life?



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