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My Mosaic (June 26)

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Welcome to the weekend!

We came home from our week camping, our flowers were blooming, and my garden was growing. I was super blessed to find that our parents had extracted the weeds while we were gone!! Thus, I could more freely shift my attention to a 10 page research paper that is due this weekend :) (I don't remember why I thought summer classes were a good idea).

This time of year is a season of change, color and growth. I feel God stirring and shifting ideas in this time. Sometimes I think it's a reaction to all this isolation, but I pray that as we continue to move towards 'normal' life, God will continue to lead us in how we serve and care for others.

What is growing and blooming inside of you these days?

Here are some articles I found interesting this week, hope they encourage you too!

"God has asked me to step out in faith and walk in obedience to His call. But can I be honest? I’m not exactly sure where I’m headed."

The missionary life is full of comings and goings. I really appreciated this reflection about re-entry - what it's like when we are plummeted back into our home culture.

So, this was a powerful reminder to me, that interruptions are opportunities, and that so often I can miss them if I'm focused on myself!

Here's four important things we can learn from the deaths of the apostles!

As mamas, feeding our babies was, at times, an uphill battle. A decision made in the eyes of many. Our own personal struggle.

I grew up on a country yard, where there was always plenty of chores to get done. Now, living in town, it's a prevalent conversation in our home, how do we teach our kids to work well? Most times we forget about the grace. This article was a helpful guide.



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