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My Mosaic (July 26)

My Mosaic July 26

It's the weekend! Our kids have enjoyed a fun week at VBS, we've done some swimming at the pool, enjoying all the summer things! I've gathered some links this week. Hope you enjoy!

Tim Challies had a chance to sit down with Keith Getty and ask him questions about church, life, and hymns.

"What is the greatest threat to your soul? Whatever keeps you from God. And not every threat will be sin." And that's where excuses come in. What are the excuses we make to keep us from God?

Randy Alcorn's review of a new book published by Benny Hinn's nephew, Costi Hinn. Alcorn writes,"Costi’s book does more than tell stories; it also goes to God’s Word so you can see the conflict between the prosperity theology he was raised in, and what God tells us in His word." Add it to your 'want-to-read' list, I did!

Ann Voskamp reflects on "The joy of physical oneness is but an echo of the joy of spiritual oneness with Christ." And how she can share with her sons and daughters, the beautiful truths of Christ in marriage.

If you need another reason not to just turn on the TV for your kids and let them watch anything, here is another one. CBC has been promoting the sexual revolution for years, and now in their kids programming they promote that little kids can become drag queens. It's terrible, it's sad. But it's an informative article.

Bearing fruit for God's kingdom is a direct result of our time abiding in Christ. We respond to Jesus in obedience, and we trust Him to do His work through us.

Sarah Ivill, The Covenantal Life



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