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My Mosaic (July 22)

Welcome to the weekend!

I hope you're enjoying these summer days - even as kiddos run circles around you and your home all day :)

I want to say a big "thanks!" for popping in and visiting the blog! It's always a joy to know you're here.

Sometimes I'm asked how to encourage and support this ministry, and if this blog is a place you've found refreshment in Gospel truths you can:

1) Pray this will continue to serve others well!

2) Share pieces you've found particularly helpful on social or send the link in a text or email. Forward the monthly newsletter to a friend (here's July 2022). This helps the writer (me) know what's meaningful and engaging to you.

So a thank-you again for taking the time to be here. I appreciate your support. May you draw near to the Vine today and continue abiding in Him.


This week on the blog


This week in articles

A reflection from Kyleigh on how her parents fostered her spiritual growth and areas for us to reflect how we raise our own kids int he Lord.

Most of us would agree we don’t need to spend our lives obsessing over whether we have an Instagram-influencer-worthy body, but that doesn’t mean we don’t struggle."

"As we come alongside our teenagers to help them navigate the ups and downs of friendship, it’s helpful to remember that making new friends isn’t always a cakewalk for us, either."

"Can I tell you a story about fitted sheets? I promise it’s not as boring as it sounds."

Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, with The Gospel Coalition, was doing research for her book on social media use. Here's a podcast telling us what she's discovered.



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