My Mosaic (July 19)

We will be across the border this weekend, soaking up the outdoors and time with friends. So here's this week's 'Mosaic' of links!

This week on the blog: God Makes Himself Known, Will We Choose To See?

How To Teach Your Kids To Study The Bible

In my experience, I don't ever remember a sermon teaching me how to study the Bible; I've learned from reading books. In a culture where biblical illiteracy is growing quickly, teaching our kids to study the Bible becomes really important if we want them to be equipped entering their worlds. Read this to read how.

Does Church Membership Matter?

"The church is not a consumer relationship. The church is a family. And families are committed to each other." Here's some good thoughts on the importance of being a member of a local church.

The Mystery of Christian Marriage

"When Christian marriage breaks down, it loses something profound. It loses its mystery." Our Christian marriages reveal to the world the mystery of Christ. We are witnesses of Jesus in our marriages. Keep on persevering, the road isn't always easy, but His light will shine through.

The 9-to-5 Guide To Praying Around The World

From the Wycliffe blog, some ideas how to fit in prayer time for the nations, into your day.

When Christians Just Don't Read the Bible

A good reminder from Tim Challies, for those in ministry leadership to infuse our worship times and teaching with Scripture. When 32% of Christians are reading the Bible everyday, there's a huge need for us to use every opportunity to bring God's Word.