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My Mosaic (July 14)

Well into summer vacation mode, I'm struggling to remember what day of the week it is. If it wasn't for sharing these highlights, I'd probably not even remember it was Friday!

Paddle, beach, boat, repeat.

(and eat in there somewhere a few times).

Summers in Canada are always a highlight. I didn't understand this after we moved back from Africa, it was as though everyone lived for these two, short months of the year.

But, now I understand.

So whatever activity you're enjoying beneath warm sunny skies, I pray it's filled with laughter and delight and awe of the One who made it.


This Week in Articles

Anger and Holy: How Anger Can Be Righteous

"All anger isn’t sin. Rather, anger is a good emotion when rightly used." Find some valuable insights about our emotions from this article from Lara.

How to Hear the Still Small Voice From the Thundering God

Discerning God's voice is a skill we eagerly seek, yet one we often feel eludes us. Cara shares a story from the life of Elijah and directs us to where we'll always hear from Him.

Don't Forget to Care for the Caregivers

Marissa's passion for loving on caregivers is evident in her gentle tone and encouragements. Often caregivers are those we hardly see and quietly disappear. This article gives you some practical ways to serve those in seasons of caregiving. There's a special love and gratitude in my heart for my church as they cared for us during our time of need, I'd encourage you to keep looking in your own communities for how you can be that for others.

Hospitality is an Everyday Endeavor

There's a whole lot of truth packing a punch in this one, and here's why: hospitality isn't just a meal shared in your home. If not, what else could it mean? Glad you asked :) read on for more!

The Holy Sexuality Project

Talking about sexuality with our kids can be awkward, and that was even before the gender identity craze struck. These discussions are becoming more and more important for us as parents, but when we don't know how to talk about we trip up a bit by just not talking about it at all.

So, welcome this new curriculum by Christopher Yuan!! Check it out, it's a home discipleship resource for you, to help you educate your teens in this pivitotal topic and more importantly, to the Word of God.

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