My Mosaic (July 12)

It's Friday again! Trust you are all enjoying the start of your summer holidays! We've been out doing a bit of camping and exploring, the weather has been great!

Don't forget to keep on praying for camp ministries as they begin, it's an exciting time for kids and camp workers, as seeds of faith are planted.

New documentary tells the story of Canada's abortion debate

"The Missing Project" is a documentary released in June that shares a lot of information about abortion in Canada. It looks at the history of abortion, interviews with pro-life organizations across the country and testimonies from parents. Check out the link to read more and watch the trailer!

4 Challenges to Evangelism on the African Continent

In any setting we face ministry challenges, here's some thoughts about the challenges in Africa, written by an African. We need to continue battling in prayer for the Gospel to go forth, and for ministries to "seek the fame of his name".

Help! My Kids Are Bored This Summer

"You are more responsible than any other authority for teaching [your kids] how to use the time God’s given them." Here's an article that shares some ideas for helping your kids use their time well over the summer, challenging us as parents to continue being intentional in how we disciple our kids.

Newsletter Code Words

If you read any missionary newsletters, there's some themes you may run into over the years. I had to share this article, because it's so true, and sometimes you just need someone to tell you what's all between the lines.

Four Prayers to Pray for the Lost

Do you feel you have no more words to pray for the one you are pleading to the Lord for? Here are some prayers, adapted from the ESV Prayer Bible.