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My Mosaic (Jul 7)

We're enjoying some family holiday time at the lake this week. I hope you enjoy the articles and have a great weekend!


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

When Sin Runs Deep, Patience Should Run Deeper Still

Here's an encouragement from Lara to the patient journey of sanctification as God works in us usually more slowly than we'd like.

Learning to Forgive Family

Here's an article for the painful, raw places in your heart when you've been wounded by those closest to you. You'll find out the what and why of forgiveness to help you grow in Christlikeness.

To the Older Woman in the Church: You are Not Obsolete

Here's a kind encouragement for the older women in our church and wisdom for those of us heading in that direction.

Fourteen Signs You Might Be Legalistic

Some food for thought on your journey of sanctification.

Reading Around the World This Summer

Jenny has some great recommendations for your littles up to middle grades.

From the Archives: 5 Ways to Pray for Your Missionaries

Remembering those we've sent and bringing them before the Father, here are a few things to keep in mind as you pray.

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