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My Mosaic (Jan 8)

Happy Friday!

It was back to routine in our home, as the kids went back to school. I sat at home on zoom lectures for the week, which was a little constricting for me, but, by the grace of the Lord, made it through.

The most dramatic moment this week was probably the evening when my son beat my husband in MarioKart. Let's just say it was a touchdown dance gone out of style, and the giggling ensued for the entire evening.

What was a memorable moment in your home this week?


This week on the blog:


Here's the weekly roundup, hope you enjoy the articles:

"We can likely think of a time someone encouraged us, and how that kindness strengthened us. Encouragement is impactful, as it can continue to give hope and inspire, even as time passes." Here are some practical points on growing in the practice of encouragement.

Tim Challies on grieving, "it’s my longing to bow under it, to be shaped by it, to grow through it, and, by God’s grace, to follow it on to new love and better service."

"as wrong as it sounds to say, my life didn’t change when I was baptized at 20-years-old. My life changed, quite unexpectedly, when I started reading the Bible, engaging with Scripture on a regular basis, in the quiet of my own living room."

"What we have all been experiencing these past ten months is very similar to the stress that first-year missionaries experience."

"The thing is that when I approach social media to see other people, to share beauty, to speak truth, to encourage hearts, to shine a lantern in the dark world, the world becomes less cavernous."

"The secret of “good vs. better” challenges the American mindset today ." In light of the anniversary of the deaths of 5 missionaries, how does good vs better impact us today.


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