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My Mosaic (Jan 29)

It's the weekend!

The first month of the year is almost over, it's hard to believe that it's going by so quickly (at least in our house it has seemed to). I began a new role at our local health centre this year, doing mental health assessments in the ER. It is a challenging position, but has fit nicely with what I'm learning in my seminary classes. This switch has really helped our family rhythms and routines, because the shift is consistent. So, I've been praising the Lord for that.

In other news this week, I got a haircut. And I'm certain that I've never been this excited about it before... 4 months is a long time for a gal with short hair.

What has brought you excitement this week?


This week on the blog


Found a few articles for your encouragement this week. Hope you enjoy!

"How was I going to cling to this Anchor in the newborn stage a second time?

I knew I had to be intentional." Tips for moms with newborns, to be purposeful in time with the Lord.

"In the past few months we’ve been reminded that so many of the blessings we take for granted are not guaranteed. They are blessings that can be given, and can be taken away."

Journaling can aid "children in releasing emotion and imagination, and it engages them in creating healthy habits and neural pathways. It’s a skill that can aid them in mental health throughout the longevity of their lives." Read this article for a few simple ways to help your kids with this skill.

A challenging reflection to help us recognize our own patterns in relational conflict. Becoming aware of these tendencies can help us recognize them in the moment, and by the grace of God, make different choices.

"If I had waited until I was my strongest or smartest on the field, I never would have joined the softball team." On trusting God's call on our lives, our role in discipleship and taking that role as one qualified by the Lord.

How to Knock on the Door of Gratitude "I believe that when we expect to see God in our everyday lives, we’ll find Him because He is a God that longs to be found by those He already holds close. When we choose to look, search, and seek Him with our whole hearts, we stumble upon gratitude."

This semester I am taking a marriage & family counselling course, and this was one of the videos we used for our discussion time. Some great considerations for us, as parents, as we engage in the spiritual formation of our children, while being vulnerable with them, about our own spiritual growth and in our own repentance. It's less than 3 minute clip, check it out!



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