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My Mosaic (Jan 22)

Happy Friday!

As lockdown restrictions ease by an inch tomorrow, there's a lot of mixed feelings. My prayer is that we will continue to seek the Lord first, in all things. As our emotions rise, and frustrations tip over, the Rock on which we stand remains our firm foundation, he has not moved.

"for from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen" (Rom 11:36).

May we act, speak and move for his glory alone.


This week on the blog:


Here's a few articles I found to share this week, hope you enjoy!

Five Tips For Fresh Hope

My friend Mariel writes, "hope is not found to be lasting when we stake our hope in man or in this temporal world, but oh when we hope in the One whose promises are sure!" Here are five places to find hope today.

Seventeen Years With A Thorn in My Stomach

"Chronic illness is mixed with both nagging moments and debilitating ones." A reflection on struggling with illness.

Identity vs Activity: How to Actually Live Mission

"Living out of the identity won for us on the cross empowers us to make mission a way of living." Twyla's encouragement for us as we embrace who we are.

Remember Our Chains

“When we speak of the persecuted church, we are speaking of our family.” With everything going on in our own small corners of the world, here's an important reflection for the church, to remember the family across the globe, suffering for the sake of Christ.

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