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My Mosaic (Jan 13)

Happy Friday.

Some mornings I feel like an air traffic controller.

The Chicago airport has a plane depart about every 30 seconds, so in an hour there's 120 planes taking off. I couldn't find how many land in an hour, but needless to say there's a lot of movement being organized in that tower.

Just like the mornings some days.

Brush your teeth. Make your lunch. Don't forget hot lunch money. Yes, yes you do need to brush your teeth.

Between the 5 of us, it's truly not managing O'Hare, but some days it feels close. It makes the quiet moments of family worship all the more valuable. We quiet down to reflect on the Word, to thank the Lord for life and breath and ask His guidance for the hours ahead.

Then, their fellow sojourners arrive, they don their winter gear, gather their stuff and trudge across the snowy path together.

When quiet moments seem hard to come by in the chaos, it's all the more necessary to find them. Sometimes the presence of God isn't found in the wind, or the earthquake or the fire, like we may expect, but in the low whisper of the stillness that comes after.


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