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My Mosaic (Feb 5)

The days come and go. Circumstances out of our control unfold before us. Who do we believe God to be in the middle of it all?

In Mark chapter 5, we are told about a ruler of the synagogue, whose daughter becomes deathly ill. He implores Jesus to come quickly, to heal her. They make their way down the dusty path, then receive word that the little girl has already passed.

Jesus responds, "do not fear, only believe" (Mark 5:36).

I got stuck on this phrase. Thinking about the ruler's response. Thinking about the world around us today. Jesus knew this girl would pass away, he knew that he would heal her. The same way he knows our circumstances and the situation of the world around us.

Believing God, in who he is, as our sovereign creator, as the sustainer of our lives, surfaces through times of struggle and hardship. Are we clinging to him as our prince of peace, our refuge, and our strength? Do we worship him as the mighty creator, the almighty, the everlasting God?

If we pause in wonder of who God reveals himself to be in his word, we will glorify him "for from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen" (Romans 11:36).

What name of God is comforting to you these days?


This week on the blog:


Found a few articles this week for your encouragement, hope you enjoy!

The Power of Being on the Same Team

"Even before we start to understand the problem, we remind each other that we are for each other, not against each other." Being on the same team, doesn't mean agreeing on everything, but agreeing that we are FOR each other.

6 Signs You Are Not Doing Empty Well

This was a challenging article for me, some of these truths hit close to home and have encouraged me to repent and grow as I care for others. In these emotionally-charged times, there's a lesson for all of us in how we listen to each other.

Bible Crash Course

"The Bible isn’t just some outdated fairy tale that some old men wrote thousands of years ago. It contains a real and true story that you can be a part of." Tristany writes a basic outline and structure of the biblical narrative, to help you love God's Word.

Surviving vs. Beholding

From the RisenMotherhood blog, "Behold means to look and learn; to pay close attention to; to gaze upon. God has created us to be beholders, but we often find ourselves keeping our heads down just trying to get through."

New from Simonetta Carr

She's the author of "Christian biographies for young readers" series, of which we own quite a few. They are hardcover, beautifully illustrated, and share with us a legacy of lives lived for the Lord. This upcoming release is on the life of slave-turned-poet, Phillis Wheatley. It's on my Wishlist!

Listen: Let's Talk: Spiritual Heroes

There's a new episode on the Let's Talk podcast, looking at spiritual heroes. Who are they, and why?

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