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My Mosaic (Feb 3)

Happy Friday!

We've had a week of extreme cold warning here on the prairies (-40C with the windchill to be exact), where frostbite can develop in minutes on exposed skin, like in the amount of time it takes to brew my French press coffee or to sort and fold a load of laundry.

Seems we've all taken turns asking the question about why it is we live here.

Though the weather is "extreme," it's not unexpected. Every winter we have at least one week like this, it's just the breath-stopping, eyelash-freezing, bone-deep cold shocks your system every time.

So, we enjoy the warmth of our homes, remembering, with gratitude, the blessed insulation keeping the chill out.

What is keeping you warm this week?


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Faith that Works, Love that Labors, Hope that Endures

"If you’re a collector of knickknacks, I apologize. I’m sure they’re lovely. But you must admit, they don’t do anything but sit there looking pretty, taking up space, and requiring dusting. Unfortunately, we often have some bric-a-brac in our spiritual lives. Good things that sit around doing nothing."

New to the Neighbourhood: Gospel Hope When You're Longing for Friendship

"Whatever season we’re in, we can be encouraged that Scripture speaks to these times when we feel lonely or uncertain about friendship."

Four Assumptions that Block Communication

Whether it's with your husband, your mom, your co-worker, you know what it's like to both feel misunderstood, or to misunderstand the other. Here are a few things to consider when we're conversing with others, and the importance of humility in understanding each other.

Scripture Memory in a World of Easy Access

Why memorize scripture when it's only a Google search away? Here's what Kati Lynn has to say about imprinting the Word deeply in our times of need.

Who Killed the Prayer Meeting?

Our life in Tanzania consisted of very regular meetings in prayer, it was entwined in the culture of the church to gather for worship and prayer. The ebb and flow of life here is different, yet there's a meeting we attend in the city for our missionaries and our church does a praise & prayer night every month. This article has some insights into our convictions about corporate prayer to encourage us to gather.

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