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My Mosaic (Mar 18)

Happy Friday!

It's been a minute since I've posted here, as I've been working on finishing my coursework for the semester. Everyone in our home has been thrilled with above zero temperatures - an ocean developing on our bay as all the snow begins to melt. This has led to a good workout for my washing machine, but that's spring in Manitoba for you.

Have a great weekend!


This Week in Articles

How Heroes of the Bible Build Faith in Our Sons

"The Bible is a book about God, not a self-help manual. Scriptures provides our sons with a blueprint, not just for good behaviour but for godliness."

Praying the Word When You're Headed to Work

Find encouragement and guidance from RisenMotherhood in praying scripture, with the focus of this article on praying for our work.

How Do I Know I'm Really Repentant

Jared Wilson shares 12 signs of a truly repentant heart to help us discern the state of our own hearts.

4 Conversations to Have With Your Kids About the Russia/Ukraine Conflict

"We mamas want to comfort our little ones, but there’s wisdom in acknowledging reality too. Instead of promising comforts and freedoms we can’t guarantee, let’s take a moment to affirm some truths to remember when times feel dark."

After Two Whole Years, Have We Humbled Ourselves Yet?

"Objectively, God has humbled our world through COVID-19, but has our world humbled itself before him?”

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