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My Mosaic (Feb 11)

Happy Blizzarding Friday!

I woke up last night from the howling winds (and that's saying a lot, I usually sleep well). A total whiteout, I can only see the shadows of the homes across the street.

I've been reading By Canoe and Dog Train, a memoir of Egerton Ryerson Young, a missionary sent to Manitoba in the 1800's, to bring the gospel to the Indigenous people. With the amount of winter storms we've been having, I can picture his adventures so much more clearly, particularly the agony of travelling in blizzards, like the one this morning. Having a dog sled team to carry me along to the hospital would be nice...

It's an excellent's also free on amazon!

Praying you'll stay warm and safe today!


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From my friend Carolyn, reminding us why failure is part of God's plan for us. You'll also find some great printable resources available for free!

3 Ways Comparison Steals Our Joy

"We know what it’s like to compare our lives and what we have to someone else. And to want their life instead."

FitBit Spirituality

"I like my Fitbit. I like hitting my daily goal of 10,000 steps. I like hitting my goal of five days of exercise each week. It takes physical activity and fitness and makes it simple and quantifiable. Have you ever wished for a spiritual Fitbit?"

From Suffering to Praise Together

"Psalm 22 offers a template for crying out to God in the context of community, situating ourselves in the story of God’s faithfulness in the past, and testifying to the congregation when God answers our prayers. As we practice this discipline, we are formed into the people of God—people who participate in the story of God’s salvation and faithfulness today."

Breaking Social Media's Grip on Teens

"Learning to belong has always been particularly tricky for teenagers, but social media (combined with a pandemic) have stunted their opportunities for community and relational growth."

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