My Mosaic (Dec 31)

Happy New Years Eve!

We’ve been hiding away in a cabin this week, trying to keep toasty in these arctic temperatures ❄️🥶 Praying you can do the same!


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If You’re Thinking About Reading the Bible This Year…Read This First


This Week In Articles

Old Paths For A New Year

”I’ve discovered I don’t need to reinvent the wheel every year when it comes to the spiritual habits of Bible reading and prayer.”

Spiritual Growth for Mommas

motherhood is the most wonderful, scary, and difficult role on the planet. We need God’s peace and promises to live out our faith and to parent well. But we can’t pour into everyone else unless we first sit at His feet and get filled.“

Resolve to Grow In Godliness

“You are becoming what you are training yourself to be today”

4 Things Believers with Bipolar Disorder Want You To Know

A helpful perspective to gain understanding of mental health struggles.

Questions for Your Bible Reading in 2022

What to ask when you’re reading a passage of scripture.