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My Mosaic (Dec 30)

It's the last Friday of the year!

As we enter this weekend and ring in a new year there's much to celebrate and things to grieve, moving forward some new inspiration and carrying along some old habits. A sigh of relief and a breath of anticipation.

Life is good and it's complex and through the hills and the valleys our Good Shepherd leads us. Let us lift our eyes up to where our help comes from as we begin a new year, for He is our keeper through the thick and thin.


This Week On the Blog


This Week In Articles

3 Reasons Why You Should Make a New Year's Resolution This Year

In case you've written off setting goals for the new year, here's an article to inspire you to make some.

Why I Left Social Media-and Won't Go Back

There's often a love/hate relationship with social media, the tension between its positives and negatives. Here's one perspective, and a link to an article with an opposing view as you consider your own social media use.

Best Movies of 2022

Like I enjoy a good booklist, here's a top movie list, including documentaries. There's quite a few I haven't heard of, but sound interesting! (although, naturally, I'd rather be reading :) )

Are Your Dreams for the New Year Holy? 5 Questions to Test Your Ambitions

"There are two kinds of ambition, unholy ambition and holy ambition, and the Bible recognizes both kinds."

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